Your wedding is an extraordinary moment in your life and it deserves an extraordinary wedding cake that expresses exactly who you are.  

I work with a select number of cake commissions per year because I pour so much planning, work, and heart into each wedding cake that I make.  More than just a visually amazing cake, we match it with mouth watering flavor combinations baked from scratch using the freshest local and seasonal ingredients available.  We are not a storefront, but a licensed, insured, and inspected private kitchen and studio based out of Palmyra, Virginia.  Appointments are required to meet with the mastermind behind these gorgeous creations.    

Ready to create an artful and gorgeous wedding cake that you’ll fall in love with before your first bite?  

Let’s talk details. I cannot wait to meet you and work with you!  

It will be magical and beyond your dreams.    

How soon should I place my order?    

Commonwealth Cake Company is not a high-volume bakery.  We suggest at least three months notice for wedding cakes, but this does not always guarantee availability.  All orders are taken on a first come, first served basis.  Our calendar fills up extremely quickly March through October due to wedding season.  A $350 retainer and a signed contract are required to secure a date on our calendar.    

Can you tell me about your cake pricing?    

Each of our cakes is custom designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.   That means that pricing depends on the details of the cake. Pricing ranges from $8-$10 per slice for buttercream and $10-$14 for fondant. If you have 100 guests you can expect to pay somewhere between $800-$1400.

We currently have a minimum requirement of $800, but sometimes we do make exceptions.  

Our price includes the layered cake with a filling, buttercream icing, a freshly baked 6” anniversary cake, and the use of any of our cake stands. The final cost of your cake will include sales tax and delivery.

  • Colored buttercream, fondant, hand painting, sugar flowers, monograms, and any other elaborate details are an additional cost.

  • Supplemental kitchen cakes are available for guest counts of 150+. They feed 50 guests and are available in any flavor combination.

Do you offer anything else beside cakes?   

We offer cupcakes or cake shooters in conjunction with a wedding cake order.  Cake shooters are delicious layers of cake and buttercream served in elegant dessert shooter glasses.  They make a beautiful alternative to cupcakes and compliment any cake.      

How much should I order?  

We use a standard industry cutting chart to determine the perfect size cake to serve your guests...a serving of 1" x 2" x 5".  We strongly encourage you to purchase, at a minimum, enough cake to provide each of your guests with one slice.  If you plan on saving the top tier you will want to adjust the size of the cake.  If you're serving single serve treats we recommend 2-3 times the amount of guests because people may want more than one.  

We understand that some people don't eat cake.  However, as your baker we want to ensure that you and all of your guests have a happy, memorable experience.  Nobody is happy if they really wanted cake but it was all gone!  It's better to have a little extra than not enough.

You can pick a different flavor combo for each tier, but we strongly encourage you to stick to two options.  We always suggest one light and fruity (i.e. vanilla cake with mixed berry filling) and the other dark and rich (i.e. chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling) for a 50/50 divide.  This keeps things simple for you, your guests, and your caterers.

Do you offer consultations and cake tastings?

Consultations are available, and highly recommended, for your wedding.  Meetings without cake tastings are complimentary.  Cake tastings are $50.  Don't worry, the fee becomes part of your retainer when you book your cake with us!  Consultations usually take about 45 minutes, and we ask that you be prompt.  If you need to cancel, we ask that you do so at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time.

Do you offer nut free or gluten free options?

We do not have a dedicated allergen free kitchen.  When baking, we prepare cakes with nuts separately and can make cakes without nuts.  However, there is always a chance of cross-contamination because we use shared equipment that processes nuts and gluten.  If you have severe allergies we recommend that you contact a bakery with a dedicated nut or allergen free facility.

How do I book my cake?

In order to book your cake on your event date we require a $350 non-refundable retainer AND signed contract. Retainers are non­refundable and non­transferable.  

Wedding cakes booked one month or less before the date must be paid in full at the time the order is placed and may incur a rush fee.

All final payments on wedding cakes are due four (4) weeks before your event.  You will receive a detailed final invoice that will need to be reviewed before submitting your final payment.  This may seem unnecessary to some, but it allows us to take extra care to confirm there have been no changes to your preferences when you initially signed.  This is our way of making sure your order fully meets your expectations.  

Failure to pay the final balance by the due date shall result in your order being cancelled.    

Can I save my date?    

If you already have a date and venue picked but haven't worked out other details, you are more than welcome to save your date. You can secure our services with a $350 retainer.  The save­ the ­date retainer is nonrefundable and nontransferable.  All details must be finalized at least 30 days prior to your event. 

What type of payment do you accept?    

We use a secure online payment system to process payments. You can pay using major credit card or bank debit.      

Can I cancel my order and are refunds available?    

Due to the nature of our business, our full schedule, and our attention to detail we spend many hours planning and preparing before even beginning on a cake.  In many cases decorative elements for your cake are created well in advance.  For this reason, if you cancel your order the retainer shall not be refunded for any reason or transferred to another order.  If you cancel your order after the final payment has been paid we reserve the right to determine if any refund is warranted.  If your final payment is not received 14 calendar days before your event date your order will be canceled for nonpayment and no refunds will be issued on any money paid toward your order.    

Do you provide cake stands?    

We have a stunning collection of cake stands and platters to take your cake to new heights.   As a courtesy to our clients, we include the use of any of our cake stands in the pricing of our cakes.

You are more than welcome to provide your own cake stand for your event and they make lovely keepsakes.  Talk to us about your stand so we can insure it will handle the size and weight of your cake.  We will gladly recommend a few options that we know, trust, and love. 

Do you deliver?    

Delivery and Set Up for tiered cakes is a must.  We personally know how stressful cake deliveries are.  We'd never pass that stress on to our couples.  Delivery fees vary based on traveling distance.  Our delivery and set­up includes us delivering your items to your requested location and setting up all items on stands, platters, etc. provided by us or another party.  Equipment rented from Commonwealth Cakes includes us picking up those items the following day.  

We will confirm the delivery/pick-up time the Monday before your event.  If we are delivering please remember that a sturdy and level table, dressed with linens, must be at the venue and ready by the scheduled delivery time.  Any toppers, flowers, or other items that we have agreed to place must also be at the venue when we arrive.